How to capture the best pre-wedding photos?


The wedding is the most auspicious thing that happens in one’s life! It holds a special place in the heart of the bride, groom and in everybody’s heart who was involved in this beautiful happening. After the marriage, the life takes an all new turn, where new relations, bonds are been formed and so all the moments spent with you’re to be a spouse, prior to your wedding needs to be captured and kept into your memories.
#Things to be kept in mind while taking pre-wedding photos.

1. Decide the location
The foremost step is to choose the most happening location for a photo shoot in order to capture the beautiful bond you share with your mate. A location should be such where maximum variations are possible, proper space and light is there.
2. Dress up like never before.
You need to look the best and be the best for which you need to grab the most overwhelming outfits and drape yourself in the best way. Also, putting up makeup would add a zest to the pictures
3. For heartfelt and flattering shots its beneficial to use a longer lens.
A longer lens is best suitable for pre-wedding photo shoots, as it helps to capture beautiful images that not only complements your subject’s best features but also create a beautiful background blur that helps keep the focus on them
4. Try to capture candid shots.
Always be ready with your camera as you may get the best candid snaps. These shots should be such that showcases the natural beauty of the couple and turn out to be flawless memories that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.
5. Use backlight for dramatic shots
using backlight for your shots will help a lot in creating a dramatic effect for the pictures. Placing the subjects in front of the light source helps to create beautiful rim light that outlines the subjects, this separates it from the background and thus helps to bring the focus to them.
6. Narrate their story through your photos
Show their story as a couple, recreate their favorite moments spent together and capture their love moments while the shoot.
7. it’s not always the face
Capturing the close-up of the engagement ring, the intertwined fingers, barefoot feet on the sand or eye contacts will create wonderful photos.
The body language can say as much as facial expressions do, and having a gallery of a couple images with these details can really transform it to another level.




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